What I’ve been up to lately

This blog will contain news, bits of writing about things I’m interested in, and occasional data science notes and tutorials.

A chapter I co-wrote with my colleague, Sarah Raine, has been included in an edited collection, Metaphors of Internet - Ways of Being …

Volume 4, Issue 1 of Riffs! is now out. This issue is guest edited by Edmund Hunt (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) and is the first of …

In this blog post, written with my fellow BLMP researchers Patrycja Rozbicka and Adam Behr, I explore what a return to live music in …

A walktrough of the process behind the creation of the BLMP Map, a Shiny App developed in R and deployed on a cloud server.

Using R to download all episode data and Apple reviews and ratings for a podcast.


Some of the things I’m working on right now, and some interesting past projects.


Jazz Festivals App

Exploring mobile technologies in festival environments


Links to my work published in academic journals, books and in other places of interest

In this chapter, co-written with Dr Sarah Raine, I look at how popular music consumers are making sense of online environments.

In this conference proceedings chapter, I discuss some of the analytical processing behind my work with The Harkive Project.

Exploring Harkive respondents use of streaming services and automated recommendation systems. Published in the 100th issue of …

In this piece for The Sociological Review I reflected on the process of learning new skills during the course of my PhD studies.

A report on the early stages of my PhD, published in the McCCSA Networking Knowledge journal in 2016


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