New Independent Country EP - Brassneck

My country band, Independent Country, has a new EP out.

We’re have a new recording and video. “The Brassneck E.P.” features our versions of songs by The Wedding Present, The Cure and Suede, and is released on 22nd November 2019. Full track listing below:

1: Brassneck

2: Friday I’m In Love

3: Trash

..and while beavering away on this EP, we also managed to put together a video for Brassneck.

You can stream the EP from all the usual digital services, or you can buy it direct from our Bandcamp page. Along with the digital version, there is also a very limited CD release featuring an additional track, a new mix of our version of The House of Love’s ‘The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes’.

If you’d like to discuss my work with Independent Country, or would like to talk about working together on another project, please feel free to drop me a line, or to say hello on Twitter.

Dr Craig Hamilton
Dr Craig Hamilton

My research interests include popular music, digital humanities and online cultures.