Popular Music

Crisis as a Catalyst for Change - COVID19, Spatiality and the UK Live Music Industry

I have a journal article in the latest issue of IASPM journal, looking at COVID19 and the UK live music industry.

New issue of Riffs out now!

The latest issue of the Popular Music Studies journal I co-edit has just been released.

The Harkive Project - Computational Analysis and Popular Music Reception

Exploring Harkive respondents use of streaming services and automated recommendation systems

Measuring the values of live music - methods, models and motivations

Looking at the many different ways in which live music is measured.

COVID-19 and the UK Live Music Industry - A Crisis of Spatial Materiality

An exploration of how the COVID19 pandemic has been framed in terms of live music ecologies.

New book chapter published

A chapter I co-wrote with my colleague, Sarah Raine, has been included in an edited collection, Metaphors of Internet - Ways of Being in the Age of Ubiquity, published by Peter Lang Press

Popular Music Reception - Tools of Future-Making, Spaces, and Possibilities of Being

In this chapter, co-written with Dr Sarah Raine, I look at how popular music consumers are making sense of online environments.

Riffs - Volume 4, Issue 1

Volume 4, Issue 1 of Riffs! is now out. This issue is guest edited by Edmund Hunt (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) and is the first of two issues which consider the relationship between music and technology.

Birmingham’s Roadmap to live music

In this blog post, written with my fellow BLMP researchers Patrycja Rozbicka and Adam Behr, I explore what a return to live music in the city of Birmingham may look like, and consider the implications of venue capacity reductions that will be required by the easing of COVID19 restrictions.

The Birmingham Live Music Project Map

A walktrough of the process behind the creation of the BLMP Map, a Shiny App developed in R and deployed on a cloud server.