Spotify, TidyModels and Shiny - a workflow

A workflow that gathers data from the Spotify API, creates a simple Logistic Regression model, and then produces a Shiny app enabling users to enter songs and see the results of predictions.

New IASPM journal publication

I have a journal article in the latest issue of IASPM journal, looking at COVID19 and the UK live music industry.

Music by Numbers - Statistics in the Music Industries

I have a chapter in a new volume published by Intellect, which looks at how numbers are used (and absued!) in the music industries.

Live Music and Lockdown

My BLMP colleagues and I wrote a piece for The Conversation about what the latest delays in easing lockdowns may mean for live music

Cheltenham Festivals Multi-Festival App

As part of ongoing work around mobile tech at music festivals, the new Cheltenham Festivals mobile app launches today

American Portions - out today

More Alternative classics taken on a cosmic Americana ride by six cowboys from Birmingham (UK).

Measuring Live Music

A new co-written journal looking at the various different ways the value of live music is measured..

Mapping the gaps

Some work from the PEC-Funded Birmingham Live Music Project, looking at what the UK Govt's Cultural Recovery Fund means for live music venues in the city.

New publication in MAST Journal

I have a new journal article published, co-written with Dr Iain Taylor and Dr Sarah Raine. It was published in MAST – The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory.

Birmingham’s Roadmap to live music

In this blog post, written with my fellow BLMP researchers Patrycja Rozbicka and Adam Behr, I explore what a return to live music in the city of Birmingham may look like, and consider the implications of venue capacity reductions that will be required by the easing of COVID19 restrictions.