Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2019 mobile app

The latest version of our app exploring jazz and improvised music festivals is launched

Popular music, digital technologies and data analysis - New methods and questions

Exploring Harkive respondents use of streaming services and automated recommendation systems. Published in the 100th issue of Convergence in April 2019.

Looking at the Monkey bars

In this piece for The Sociological Review I reflected on the process of learning new skills during the course of my PhD studies.

The Harkive Project - Rethinking Music Consumption

A report on the early stages of my PhD, published in the McCCSA Networking Knowledge journal in 2016

The Harkive Project

Exploring contemporary music reception practice

How Do People Listen To Music In 2013? It’s A Complex Business

A piece I wrote for the NME in 2013, reflecting on the first instance of The Harkive Project.