The Birmingham Live Music Project Map

A walktrough of the process behind the creation of the BLMP Map, a Shiny App developed in R and deployed on a cloud server.

How to get podcast ratings and reviews data using R

Using R to download all episode data and Apple reviews and ratings for a podcast.

Create an interactive map of the live music venues in your city with the Songkick API

A tutorial with replicable code for using R and the Songkick API to discover more about the live music venues in your city

Birmingham Live Music & Brexit

Report on Birmingham Live Music and Brexit

BCMCR - New Thinking #1 - 2019/20

A new zine publication from BCMCR

Harkive 2019

The latest iteration of my annual research project

Robot rhythms: the startups using AI to shake up the music business

I contributed some thoughts to this Guardian article on AI and music

How will Brexit affect the Birmingham Live Music Industry?

An event on the potential impacts of Brexit on the live music industry in Birmingham

Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2019 mobile app

The latest version of our app exploring jazz and improvised music festivals is launched